Our crew is superbly qualified and dedicated to providing you with the finest diving experience.

Here are our crewmembers:

Tim Doreck, Captain

Tim has been a certified diver for over 30 years. He retired from the Navy after 24 years of service in 1993. USCG licensed since 1985, Tim has operated the Monterey Express since its arrival in Monterey in 1996.

Tim's tour in the Navy gave him an opportunity to dive nearly every "in spot" dive location in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Middle East, but he believes that the Monterey Bay, with its extensive kelp forest, marine mammals, unique underwater pinnacles, and canyons, makes for the most exciting diving found anywhere in the world.

Dave Fernandes, Captain

Dave Fernandes is one of the captains for the Monterey Express and holds an SSI instructors certification.

Dave has worked the King Neptune out of Santa Catalina and the Pacific Star Live-Aboard in Monterey, and spent a year in Palau aboard the Peter Hughes vessel Sun Dancer.

His true love is the variety that cold water diving provides and he is officially recognized as the one who initially coined the Monterey Express' logo, "Warm Water Sucks".

Bruce Watkins, Dive Master/Crew

Bruce Watkins is a photojournalist and dive instructor residing in Northern California. Bruce is a regular contributor to California Diving News, and hundreds of his articles and a thousand of his photographs have appeared in various national and international publications. He is the author of "A Diver's Guide to Northern California".

Francesca Koe

Francesca is a PADI dive instructor who makes her permanent residence in San Francisco. Apart from being a crewperson with the Monterey Express she is also SCUBA editor for the rapidly growing online dive magazine, Deeper Blue,

Her passion for the sport, and her dedication for teaching others to enjoy the diving adventure, have made her a most welcome member of the 'Express for over 4 years.

Francesca particularly enjoys diving along the Monterey and Carmel coastline because of the dramatic visual impact of its wave-washed, rocky coast, marine mammal habitat, and lush kelp forests that are the "essence" of California Central Coast diving.

Mark Lizon

Mark is a PADI instructor living in Modesto, CA.
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